Oh the Irony

So, I know this all happened a while ago and I remember hearing a little about it in the news, but, I just now found out about this particular story:

John Ziegler, a broadcaster in California showed up at the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism award ceremony at University of Southern California. Katie Couric was to be presented with the award for her interview with Sarah Palin for "extraordinary, persistent and detailed" reporting.

So, Ziegler shows up and a police man tells him that if he wants to film he needs to go behind the barricades because only members of the media that were invited by the winners were allowed at the event. This is a little strange: an event honoring journalism is denying admission to journalists. Multiple security guards, police men and event coordinators tell Ziegler that he doesn't want to cover the event, but he wants to "demonstrate and express your point of view" to which Ziegler replies "just like Katie Couric did during her Sarah Palin interview."

Before you know it, a police man is telling Ziegler he is not there "for a legitimate purpose" and Ziegler is being handcuffed. As the police try to escort the handcuffed Ziegler away, he is laughing at how ridiculous the whole situation is. He also comments that Couric's interview wasn't journalism, but advocacy. Ziegler is known for his documentary called "Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected." However, that's a whole other story.

This is totally ironic. A member of the media is being arrested for trying to cover an event for "media excellency." While you could argue that Ziegler should have left when asked to, he did not do anything illegal. He was not causing a disturbance, trespassing or breaking any other law.

Near the end of the video the police ask the camera man to turn the camera off, he does, but leaves the audio on. The video then cuts back to Ziegler showing off the marks the handcuffs left on his wrists. Zieger's account and explanation can be read here. You need to watch the video below, it's extremly entertaining and ironic.

Anyway, whatever your political stance is, you have to admit this is totally ironic. If Couric's Palin interview qualified as "extraordinary, persistent and detailed," maybe Ziegler should be considered for the award. This story definitly fits that description.


Proud (in a righteous sort of way) Dad said...

What a joke! And USC isn't "private property," for cryin' out loud! Unbelievable.

Rachel said...

I know! I remember hearing a little bit about it when it all went down, but of course, the media didn't report THIS aspect of the story. Haha, I just love how the whole thing is caught on tape. Makes me want to listen to his show.

Rachel said...

Oh, and I just caught this. At the beginning the guy tells Ziegler there is also an "Obama Conference" going on and Ziegler says "We're interested in the other Obama Conference. The Journalism In Excellence Award." Lol, he is too funny.