Happy Father's Day

My dad is truly an amazing person. He is always there for me and my siblings. He is an extremely hard worker. My dad is an example to me of righteousness, leadership and love. My dad has always been very adamant about serving others. Through callings, work and on a personal level, he has served those around him, even when it may not be easy. I remember as a very young child going to deliver Sub for Santa gifts, helping clean the local high school and being taught to look for opportunities to help others.

I also remember the stories my dad tells. From the time we were very little my dad has told us stories. Sometimes they were true stories about himself, patriotic leaders, or people he knows. Sometimes his stories were out of books and the best ones were the ones he made up on the spot. The life lessons and morals he taught are priceless.

My dad is so fun to play games with, even if he does cheat. :) He got us started early on Junior Monopoly and now we're pros and can sometimes beat him...sometimes. He has always been involved in our lives and our interests.

I am so lucky to have my dad. He is the greatest man I know. His constant love, knowledge and advice mean the world to me.

Thank you Dad!


Denalee said...

Sweet tribute Rachel. I agree - your dad is a very FINE man!

Proud (in a righteous sort of way) Dad said...

Thank you, Sweetheart! You are overly generous is your compliments. But to be honest, it's easy to be a dad when you have kids like you! I love you.