David McCullough

A couple weeks ago David McCullough visited the Church History Library. I really like McCullough. For those of you who don't know him, he has won two Pulitzer Prizes and is the author of 1776 and other historical novels. I once heard him speak at a forum at BYU and wow, was it good! You can read the really, really good forum address called "The Glorious Cause of America: How a Course, Untrained Army -- 'rabble in arms' -- Stood Up to the World's Most Powerful Army here. I highly recommend it.

It's obvious when you hear him talk that McCullough has a deep respect for Latter-day Saints and he is not afraid to voice his feelings. This press release has all the details of his visit to the Church History Library. Here are a few quotes from the address he gave:

“You are truly doing the Lord’s work, because it matters. And if we don’t do it we are not fulfilling our responsibility as citizens. Not just as members of the Church but as citizens."
“You are caring for a national treasure here. The story of the Latter-day Saints, of Joseph Smith, of Brigham Young, and that incredible migration here is a great American story.”

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