In Missouri!

I know this blog is WAY behind. I'm still working on catching up. So while this is old news, I'm still grateful for it. At the beginning of December my family moved down to Missouri, outside a town called Richmond. We are so blessed that things worked out. After going through lots of offers and looking at lots of houses, they finally found one they love.

My parents have wanted to move from Illinois to Missouri for a while, and finally got their chance. They have also always wanted an older house on some land; and this is it! The house was built in 1915 and is on 25 acres that includes ponds, woods, pastures, a barn, and a couple outbuildings.

Over Christmas I got to go down and visit. The house has so much charm inside and out. It's also in amazing condition for being so old. The land is beautiful and it's nice not to have any neighbors and to be out where it's quiet. My family loves every bit of it!

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