Updates and New Year's Resolution

My sister Rebecca and I at the really cool Navajo bridge over the Colorado River in Arizona. It was built in 1929, it is 834' long and 467' above the river. It was absolutely breath taking. These cell phone pictures don't do it justice at all. It was so quiet and beautiful!

I know it's been three months since I've posted. I am repenting and resolving to do better. In fact, my New Year's resolution is to post at least twice a week. Hopefully more than that.

A lot has happened in the past three months:
  • I graduated! Well, I walk in April but I am all done taking classes at BYU! What a great feeling. Now if I can just find a job.
  • Went home to Illinois for Christmas! I really needed a break and it was so nice to get away from everything for a few weeks and spend time with my family.
  • Went to Texas to do some work with my dad and visit Grandparents. It was an absolute blast. We got some work done but also watched some favorite TV shows and played lots of games! I also got to see Swing! for the first time, which was great.
  • After driving from Chicago to Bedford, Texas with my sister, we packed up again and headed for Utah. We took a different route than normal and got to see some parts of the country I've never seen. Not only was it amazing to drive for days on end (we figured it was about a 40 hour drive all together) with my best friend, it was fun to see sites along the way. We made some great memories!

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Denalee said...

It was really nice to read that and to see the pics. Keep on posting!!!!