Shop Till You Drop!

My sister and best friend Rebecca flew out a few weeks ago and spent a few days here shopping, watching movies and eating Chinese food. I don't think I have ever hit that many stores in that short of time before in my life! Rebecca is great, and I had the best time with her. The picture above is one of my favorite pictures of us. Sorry for the blurriness; it's a picture of a picture.

One of our favorite stores is Down East, whenever I go I could spend a fortune there. I love that their stuff is so classy but also different. So, we went there, to the malls, some outlet stores...and I know I'm leaving some out.

Rebecca and I also LOVE What Not to Wear. Every time she comes out here we watch episode after episode. It's fun to watch Stacy and Clinton put outfits together and even more fun to watch their witty banter as they help people dismantle then rebuild their wardrobe.

Thanks for the best weekend ever Rebecca! Love you!

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Mike & Chels Wheeler said...

You guys are so cute!