Religious Freedom

If you haven't heard, Elder Oaks gave a speech at BYU-I about religious freedom. Elder Oaks talked about what he says is the "significant deterioration in the respect accorded to religion." With a background in law, Elder Oaks is certainly qualified to speak on this matter in a secular and of course spiritual context.

I really like where he talks about religious freedom being threatened by what some people claim are human rights. From a press release:
As an example, he referred to a set of principles published by an international human rights group which calls for governments to assure that all persons have the right to practice their religious beliefs regardless of sexual orientation or identity. Elder Oaks said, “This apparently proposes that governments require church practices to ignore gender differences. Any such effort to have governments invade religion to override religious doctrines should be resisted by all believers.”
I have never thought of the issue from this perspective. This speech has caused a stir among some members of the media and bloggers, and I agree with Elder Oaks' position and I think we should all remember that it is vital that we protect our religious freedom.

Here is a Q&A with Elder Oaks about religious freedom:

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