Commander in Chief

I recently discovered a great show called Commander in Chief. the show opens with the death of a president and the debate about whether his vice president, a woman, should take office. Geena Davis plays the role of the president beautifully and it's so fun to watch her stand up for herself and her country as she becomes president and at the same time raises her kids. She brings honesty, humility and old-fashioned American vales to the White House as she leads through acts of terrorism, hostage situations and media issues. The show also has Donald Sutherland in it as the speaker of the house. If you haven't ever seen this show, I really, really recommend it. You can see all the episodes on Hulu.

This clip is from the first few minutes of the first episode. I promise, you'll get hooked!


Rebecca said...

I love your paisley! I hope you haven't had it there forever...I just noticed.

Rachel said...

Haha, no, just did it a few days ago. And thanks! Felt like switching things up.