Last week I went to the rodeo with my friend Abram and some of his friends. It was so fun! My family used to go to the Spanish Fork Rodeo when we lived in Utah, but that was several years ago and I hadn't been to one since then. The Strawberry Days Rodeo in Pleasant Grove was really cool. I just learned that Strawberry Days is the longest running city celebration in Utah.

There were all the usual events and a really exciting dirt bike show. These guys were going up HUGE ramps and flipping around in the air. It was seriously amazing. Every time they went up they looked like they were just going to miss the landing pad on the top of the semi truck, but they made it every time.

I didn't have my camera with me and the delay on my cell phone camera made it so I kept missing all the action. So, my New Year's resolution (yes, I know it is June) is to take my camera with me everywhere!

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