"Did we just break the law?"

"Nope. That's what you call dang fine reporting." I just saw State of Play with some friends over the weekend. Wow. What a good movie. Watch the trailer! It's intense and full of action and suspense. I loved watching the interaction between journalism and media and the government, and of course, some public relations.

The story is all about journalists working with the police to solve a murder. Of course, it's not as simple as that because everyone has their own agenda, especially when the murder is linked to a congressman. Between a journalist wanting to get the scoop and at the same time help his friend, the police wanting to solve the murder as more and more people get killed, a congressman trying to save his reputation and public image, and a corporation covering the truth, this movie has an incredibly intense plot. I would definitely recommend it!

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The Wheelers said...

Cool! I want to see it!