All Good Things Must Come to an End

Well, at least until next season. Yep, 24 season seven ended last night. It was bittersweet. Following with tradition, some PR friends and I all watched it together, this time we had pizza and Brick Oven root beer (we really party hard, let me tell you). Wow, was it ever amazing! The finale is always two hours long instead of one and yet it still seems like only half an hour. There were some truly shocking moments. Okay, I admit it, I gasped out loud a few times. I love the characters of 24. The good vs. evil. Right vs. wrong. Patriotism. The idea that you can choose to make good out of bad circumstances. What an epic show. :)

SPOILER ALERT! The finale sort of wrapped up a few subplots: Tony was caught, Olivia will surely go to trial, head-honcho terrorist Alan gets caught, etc. But, in true 24 style, there are more cliffhangers and each new plot leads to a deeper story. I guess we'll have to wait a year to find out if Jack snaps out of his comma, if Tony ever pulls his act together and if Alan will pay for all the crimes he committed in this and (as revealed this episode) previous seasons.

P.S. I KNEW Jack was going to jump off that operating table! It couldn't have happened any other way!


Captain Danger said...

Yeah, you're right about the operating table. There was absolutely no way that Jack was just going to let them drag him off, sedated or not!

Rachel said...

Exactly! And when I called it my friends laughed...who's laughing now?!