Les Miserables

Although It's been a while, I've seen Les Mis three times and absolutely love it. I've been listening to the music lately and it has reminded me of what an amazing score and plot it has. I think I was only about twelve when my dad took me and my sister to see it for the first time in Salt Lake City. I remember getting all dressed up and feeling so grown up. From the moment the music started to the last number, I was enthralled by the story, actors and music. I still am.

The tale of Jean Valjean working to change and prove himself is intertwined with issues of justice, revenge, good and evil, and love. The story is a great commentary on human nature and society. The development of the wide range of characters tells an amazing story of life. The musical is so moving and is not only beautiful to listen to but to watch! The turning stage and lighting create some wonderful effects.

Someday I would really like to read the book. If you haven't done so, you must see Les Mis once in your life! At least listen to the wonderful music!

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