Welfare Square

On Friday I got to tour Welfare Square for my capstone class project. It was so neat. We hear all the time about the wonderful things the church does for relief effort during disasters, emergency preparedness, etc. but rarely do we get to see it behind the scenes. Welfare Square was started during the Great Depression and still has so many amazing projects in the works.

One of the most amazing things to me was to see the boxes that are sent to disaster areas. One box, below, holds enough food to feed a family of four for 10 days. The boxes aren't very big and are easily shipped and distributed. The church also created a cleaning kit for Hurricane Katrina and it is now one of their most popular items.

It was interesting to see things like the Bishop's Storehouse, Bakery and Employment Center. It is great that the whole purpose of church welfare is to help people help themselves. This simple ideology goes a long way in fostering responsibility, respect and self-confidence. Regarding Welfare Square, President Monson said,
"Come to Salt Lake City and visit Welfare Square. Your eyes will glow a little brighter, your heart will beat a little faster, and life itself will acquire a new depth of meaning."

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Hey! That's cool Rach! I really want to do that now!