Simon and Garfunkel

I have always liked Simon and Garfunkel's music. They both have beautiful voices and their songs are so fun and mostly upbeat. I just saw this article about their surprise reunion. Apparently, Paul Simon was having a concert in New York and totally surprised the audience and brought Art Garfunkel out part way through and they did some songs together. I think this is great! They are so infamous together that it only seems right. Here's a quote from the article:

But there was a buzz in the air, probably because yours truly spotted Garfunkel’s singer wife Kim in the audience. At least a couple of us knew what was going to happen: Garfunkel, flown up on a private plane from the middle of a Florida tour, took the stage to a thunderous ovation. I mean, people were screaming — even Paul McCartney.
You know you're big when even Paul McCartney screams for you!


Studio Fan36 said...

That would have been an effing sweet show... I'm glad I got the chance to see them in 2004. Bonus points to those who can name all 9 Simon $ Garfunkel albums (5 studio, 4 live, no compilations)

rebecca said...

That would have been AMAZING!!
My personal fav is i am a rock-it's my motto ;)