Dad in Town!

This past week my dad came to town to do some consulting work. While he was here he spoke to a PR class and was on a panel for PRSSA. It is so fun to have a dad who majored in the same thing I'm majoring it. It's awesome to be able to talk about public relations related topics and career plans for the future with him. He is an amazing person, as a father and as a public relations professional. I really look up to him and want to be like him someday.

When my dad dropped me off at BYU as a freshman, he took me to see one of his good friends and colleagues and told her to talk me into majoring in public relations. He had always told me I would do well in it and would love it. His friend told me to find my passion and do it. I have definitly found my passion in public relations! My dad was right. In short, I owe my career choice to him! :)

While my dad was here, it was so fun to go out to eat, watch movies, just chat and watch 24 with someone who is just as addicted as I am! I am so grateful and lucky to have my dad!


Denalee said...

What a great picture of your dad!

Rachel said...

I know! I love this picture!

Trevor said...

Since when did you get a blog?!

Way cool!